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PCI compliance

Blinkcore provides PCI 2.0 compliant hosting to ensure safe, secure transactions. By merit of this, we foster PCI compliance in our clients, who will be processing and storing sensitive information as well. We are able to separate public and confidential database files, and restrict access from the internet and unauthorized individuals and organizations. In partnering with Blinkcore, one may eliminate the extra costs and time necessary to procure a report on PCI 2.0 compliance. Our PCI compliance will also protect your sensitive customer information, helping you to execute promotions and secure more transactions in the knowledge that personal data is protected.

SSAE 16 / SAS 70

Blinkcore complies with SSAE 16, the updated international service organization standards for Type I and Type II reporting, while also helping small to mediumsized businesses to comply. In helping these small to medium-sized businesses, we are able to reduce their costs and efforts in implementing SSAE 16 compliance alone. Furthermore, we aid these businesses to begin competing in an international market. Blinkcore is able to do this because our company is based on objectives of security; our practices are inherently SSAE 16 compliant. By allowing Blinkcore to handle hosting infrastructure, small to medium-sized businesses may focus on internal SSAE controls without extensively spreading their time and resources.