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We provide our clients high-quality, secure network access, application hosting, and data storage.

We are known for extreme speed and extreme efficiency.

We specialize in hosting the following types of applications.
  • OLTP
  • OLAP, NoSQL, MapReduce, Federated SQL
  • In Memory Analytical Servers
  • Secure Storage Applications
Since 1998 we have been making high traffic websites. In 1999 after an endless array of hosting problems, we decided to start hosting our websites ourselves. By 2001, the economy was especially bad for start up IT companies so we had to contiune with a very limited budget. We spent the next six years developing custom multi-system hosting configurations with minimal funds to host high traffic, high transaction volume, and large data (>100GB) web applications. Those years of trial and error turned out to be very advantageous; we had learned how to optimize speed and reliability with minimal costs.

By 2007 our hard work paid off. As we began purchasing more high end server parts, it became very clear that in comparison to other dedicated server hosting companies we are often many times more efficient & less expensive. Over the last four years, we have fine tuned our multiple systems configurations. Over & over again, we have loaded the applications on it, run it, operated it, tested it, looked for the bottlenecks (a.k.a "data traffic jams"), then rebuilt it to optimize efficiency. As a result, we have developed a variety of amazing high-end systems. For those interested in high transactions volume, large database storage, transferring of information, and the most responsible security and privacy policies available on the internet market today, Blinkcore's intelligent servers & internet services are unparalleled !

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