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Blinkcore is a **Privacy First Organization**. We believe privacy is more important than profit. While others are tracking you, packaging your data and selling it. Blinkcore will not track and share anyone's personally identifiable information or browsing habits with anyone else.
Blinkcore helps you identify your security risks and offers both the solutions & the protection you need to keep your information safe. Not only will we help you mitigate losses from today's common security issues like viruses and unethical competitors, we will also help you move safely into the unknown future of internet business. As the playing field of modern computer technology is rapidly changing, moving safely into the future means working with a company that knows how to keep your information protected. Blinkcore has the experience and the tools needed to ensure all of your security needs are met with ease, protecting you from costly security violations.
Everything is better faster! Blinkcore specializes in transferring & processing very large amounts of data with minimal slow down time or crashing. Efficiency in hosting solutions means properly managing data. We will help you achieve 10 times to 100 times efficiency by identifying the “data traffic jams” clogging your system & dragging it down to slower than optimal speed. Blinkcore's intelligent server systems will save you money by effectively reducing data slow down times and “gridlocks” which often crash servers.
If you have something that you need to sell and you are too busy to sell it yourself and if you are interested in unparalleled privacy, security & speed, Blinkcore is for you!

Blinkcore's intelligent servers are some of the most efficient in the industry. A well oiled, efficient system saves time & money.

*Blinkcore will assist you in effectively preventing expensive privacy lawsuits for inadvertently disclosing personally identifiable data.

*Delayed customer service call times are expensive. When your customers call and want to know where their orders are, they won't be asked to repeatedly “hold” because the computers are running too slow. You will spend less time & money on customer service because your systems will not get clogged up or crash.

Blinkcore operates and maintains high quality, enterprise grade, advanced server systems. We provide this equipment for our clients as a web service for a fraction of the cost to own and operate these yourself.